Thursday, July 17, 2008

"When I have doubts, He reveals Himself to me"

So on Saturday July 12, Shell and I were running errands and the topic about heaven and dying got brought up because she is reading a book about someone who died and is describing heaven etc... and we were just talking about people who didn't believe and how it's weird, like how can you NOT believe and how prayers answered cannot be mere coincidences etc.

And then on Sunday, July 13 Marc and I went to bible study before church....and so on Sunday night (after I wrote the last blog entry), I decided to read the passages that we missed from bible study the week before since we missed that session, and so I was just flipping through my bible and I went to the back to look at the maps and then there was a section on notes so I wondered, if I ever wrote something in there (The bible that I have is a student bible given to me by one of my high school friends, Andy, on my 18th birthdayc I lost it for a while, turns out Marc had it in his room FOREVER, so I just recently found it)

Anyway so I flip and there on the first page, it says something along the lines of "When I have doubts, He reveals Himself to me" and I thought, wow, I wonder why I wrote it then? So I look at the date when I wrote it and here's the date, July 13, 2003.

So I got goosebumps and thought, NO WAY! So I came out of my room, Marc was studying in the dining room and asked him, Marc, what's today's date and he goes, July 13. So exactly 5 years after I wrote that, my questions and prayers continue to be answered even when I'm not consciously asking for anything. It's amazing how God finds ways to show you that He is there.


Madel said...

This is so true. I love your blog Mari and I love the comments you leave me. Thank you! Love you!

Madel said...

P.S. God is so good. I saw this quote in the hospital when my mom was getting a hysterectomy..."Life only demands from you the strength you possess" and I tweaked it to be, "God only demands from you the strength you possess." He is always there for us, even when we think he isn't.