Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what do you do when

your friend is in a really bad relationship but she is too blind to see how horrible her situation is?

Although there are not clear cut signs of abuse there is plenty of evidence that shows neglect, being taken advantage of, and disrespect.

It feels hopeless because she doesn't even want to help herself.

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Maya said...

i'll tell u what i'll do!!!! LOL..

ugh.. im just upset that we can't really make her realize and understand where we're really coming from, just YET! *sigh*

ahh well.. i just never got to thank you for all that you went thru to defend me! i'm still overwhelmed with EVERYTHING that i'm going thru right now and i'm trying to calm myself down so i don't get a nervous breakdown!

thanks for being a wonderful friend! :) means A LOT to me :)