Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today is babe's jr. prom... she looked absolutely adorable!!! I'll post pictures later...everything turned out great, her shoes, the dress, the accessories, the hair and makeup..oh yeah and the nails! aww she's all grown up....

Helping her get ready got me all reminiscing about my junior prom, it seems like ages ago being 16, all excited to get all pretty-fied HAHA... that was a fun night. We were all stressed out about everything from the lady that did my hair and messing it up, to not having enough money to my dad waiting for me at may's house so he can pick me up and make sure i don't go anywhere else lol! But at the end of the day the memories was all worth it :)

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M.Danela said...

wow, their sooo easy on babe. dimi was followed. dad kept calling me over and over for me to go home even if it wasn't over.