Thursday, April 9, 2009

my sister totally made my day :)

i've been physically and mentally drained the past couple of feels like i just started a new's exciting and fun but at the same time, i find myself feeling so exhausted...when i get busy like this, sometimes i let work take over me..and sometimes i forget to take care of myself and often hurt those that i really care about.i even snapped at marc a few times yesterday and we ended up fighting over something totally stupid and i realized this morning that i should probably apologize....

today i decided that i will take a full hour to myself to pay my bills, check my emails, handle random things online etc....just to calm down a bit and relax a little....then i decided to look through my blog subscriptions and she just totally melted my heart....what she doesn't know is how truly amazing and admirable she the age of 16, with such maturity and grace, she's accomplished so much with her life and i'm so proud of the kind, loving person that she's become.

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