Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let it go

and I did!

First round of applications is done!

So far I have applied to

UC Hastings
UC Davis
Santa Clara
Loyola (Chicago)
George Mason

Still need to work on the more impossible schools i.e. Berkeley UCLA etc..HAHAHA

But it's okay, I have till halloween =)


jenn-jenn said...

CONGRATS on finishing apps! does it feel good? good luuuuuuuuuck on the rest of the ride, can't wait to find out where you'll end up :)

wordzworth said...

YAY!!! Congrats dude :) I'm glad you're done with the Quality Assurance. All left to do is pray, hehe. Whatever happens, you'll be versatile to fit in any school anyway. がんばってだよ!

Madel said...

Woo!! Good for you Mari, congrats and good luck with those!

Let't have an OC trip again! The Island Hotel!? Miss you!