Wednesday, October 8, 2008

how can I ignore

I was given advice that my personal statement needs a little bit of tweaking so that I stand out and one thing that I didn't do is talk about my experience of being a WOMAN of color.

Isn't it awful that my focus has always been on being Filipino first, then being an immigrant, then coming from a low-middle class background before I even thought about what it means to be a woman?

Has it been embedded in my head the limitations and hopelessness of my gender that I subconsciously ignore its implications?

Growing up, family has always emphasized two things: education and making a family. As soon as I graduated from college, the first question asked was when I am getting married and when I will have kids. Now my family means well and I know they don't mean to insult me but why is that question only target the females of my generation. My 32 year old cousin, who is beautiful, smart and a wonderful person gets the same interrogation at every family party.

My dad always encouraged me to do well in school because he does not want my future husband to take advantage of me. My mom taught me how to clean, cook that my future husband will not think less of me. Mixed messages or what?

Filipino culture has a lot of many great things about it including respecting women but equality isn't always at the top of the list.

Anyway, there's a lot to think about and reflect on regarding this topic especially since I am guilty myself for ignoring the big PINK elephant in the room.

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