Thursday, December 11, 2008

loving the new job

thank God!!!!


M. said...

Daaaaaamn!! Sorry baller! Ugh, that's so pimp Mari! I'm stuck with my little cubicle desk and you have that phat office! CONGRATS love!!

wordzworth said...

you know you've made it when you got a window!!!! :)

jenn-jenn said...

WOW!! glad youre loving it! see, things happen for a reason :)

too bad they blocked gmail tho

Mari said...

LOL! I had a window at MWE but my desks were built ins and definitely not made out of wood so I was super psyched when I saw my desk.

Yeah super sad about gchat/meebo/facebook chat being blocked but everything else isn' i guess for now goodby to the world of instant messaging..