Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Guess what I'm doing!

I reformatted my resume/cv and got it down to 3 pages from 7 pages. Why so long? Well I wanted to show my first draft readers who I am and what I have done over the years and I'm sorry my work experience ended up being 3 pages long, community/volunteer work another 3 pages and then there were the awards which was 1 page (all from high school! hahaha)

My personal statement on the other hand isn't as easy to edit
I received great and useful feedbacks, the problem now is how to fix it.....

"I am very proud and impressed by all you have done. You are truly a remarkable person, Mari!"

"You have to show them all this clearly and concisely without actually saying that you¡¦re telling them all this (avoid words like "motivation¨, "potential", etc. You have to show them, not tell
them). Honestly, I didn't really get that from your statement."

"'If I were you I'd think of any experiences you have had that dealt specifically with the law or legal matters (including research papers you might have done, stories you know about from your community or volunteer work, etc) in order to add to your explanation about why you want to go to law school specifically and not, say, a school of education or....."

"What happened to the story about you working full time because of your father's accident? Yes, it's an interesting story, but not compelling enough. You're not just an immigrant, you're an immigrant plus. I know there's more to you"

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