Sunday, August 17, 2008

Can you believe it?

I actually have a draft! Three months later and I am with a draft. LOL. Still slightly shy to publish it...probably only going to show it to one or two persons but I am quite satisfied...At least I got it down to 2.5 pages single spaced which is not so bad considering I had maybe 15-20 free writes that didn't really make sense. I'm sure Harper is going to tear my draft apart but at least I have something to show for. Uggh, now I hope he has enough time to actually read it.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow, I have to be in early (even though we're not suppose to be working overtime) because I have a deposition to prepare for and they are prepping the expert at 9AM.

I just keep wanting to work on my applications. Why does work have to get in the way? Can I go to law school already??? GEEZ!

This weekend was great, had a blast at Eugene's fake going away thing and at Madel's super early birthday =) , drank too much, ate too much, didn't work out...hahah better get back into the workout/eating healthy routine starting tomorrow.

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Madel said...

I love you Mari!! I'm sure your draft is fine, you just need tweeking.

Thanks for coming, I was so happy to see you! :)