Friday, June 20, 2008

June update

What the heck? It's June 20? Are you serious??? Where did the time go!

Work been kicking my butt...been coming in at 7sh, 7:30 to "catch up with work" but it never happens, I'm barely finishing my projects.

On top of that, a lot of craziness has been going on....not too worried though, I know everything will work itself out and I'll be okay....

Law School
umm the last time I freaking looked at my personal statement was last month!

Family and friends
Try to balance as much time as possible to hang out with everyone but it's so hard with working 10-12 hour work days..really gotta improve on that one.

Malia's so freaking cute! She's getting so big and so smart...she's such a brat though. She threw french fries at a little 6 month old baby at a restaurant when we were out on Father's day..OMG so embarrasing

Working out and eating healthy, not doing so well in that aspect of my really is hard to maintain a balance.

Ohh and my car is awesome...super great in gas! go civic!

Oooohh and next Wednesday is June 25th =)

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