Friday, June 27, 2008

the car

hmm didn't realize i didn't talk too much about my car purchasing experience.

i really wanted to buy a mini cooper but it was about $3,000 over my "new car" budget and definitely about $7,000 over my "used car" budget so after much deliberation including the fact that I should probably wait to get something i really really want after law school, maintenance issues etc... i went with the super reliable, great on gas 2008 civic coupe which i bought btw for about $1,500 below INVOICE! the trick is to contact multiple dealerships and tell them exactly what you want and let them fight over your business, and as one of the sales guys told me "let the bidding war begin!". Anyway, I'm happy with my purchase and happy with the fact that I can go 6-7 days to Palo Alto from San Leandro and back on only 13 gallons of gas =)

btw that's a picture of me that marc took of me in the freaking showroom LOL


jenn-jenn said...

yaaay you look sexy in your sexy car! haha congrats again

Madel said...

I LOVE IT! Good for you Mari! Don't you feel so old? But I do like being an adult. =)