Thursday, March 6, 2008

superMARI ?????

so, everytime I took my laptop home, it will do funky stuff and crash on me...but everytime i brought it back to work, it would magically fix itself....for a couple of weeks, i kept complaining to the IT guys and of course everything is fine whenever they're right behind day the weird blue screen popped up at work and I was able to show them what was wrong and they decided that my laptop is just old and is basically dead.

i get a new laptop, works okay for a couple of days with barely any problems, it would crash at home still but would magically fix itself until today.

i get to work, and the blue screen popped up and it's stuck on that....IT guy jokes about me having too much static electricity in my body and sends me this:

but now that I read the story, I wonder, is it true? Could it be that I'm superMari with magnetic powers and can destroy computers? hahah just kidding. I just scuff my shoes on the carpet a lot I think.

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Maya said...

if that's true... stay away from my computer.. LOL jk!