Friday, February 1, 2008


after a grueling 4 was my "chill" day before the dreaded lsats..... went to target, to my pt appointment, sushi lunch with my very supportive marc, stopped by cseb to check where my test was going to be and then headed to amc for 27 dresses.

after the movie, marc and i couldn't decide where to go for dinner and after circling bay street in emeryville, we remembered the old spaghetti factory and so we headed for jack london square.

that's when the "vortex" started.

we get to jack london square and the old spaghetti factory couldn't be found...we walk around for a little bit and settle, or upgraded rather, for kincaid's where the host told marc that the old spaghetti factor has not been there for about 2-3 years. lol. we sit down for dinner...ordered a couple of appetizers and waited forever for our entrees. i actually didn't even notice that the entrees were late until marc pointed out that the couple by us who came later already got their entrees....our waitress checks up on it for us and later on brings in the manager to tell us that our desert will be freebie right! a few minutes later, our waitress was kind enough to take off the most expensive entree in our tab..oh shoot even we're wondering if our desert is still free but i didn't really want to ask so we just ordered a banana cream pie anyway..and guess what... our banana cream pie kept falling apart so they apologetically asked us to select another desert and the manager reminded us that it was on the the waitress laughs with us and apologizes quiet a number of times but marc and i don't mind, shoot my mahi mahi and our chocolate torte was free!!!! finally we get some fortune cookie type cards without the cookie and marc gets a faulty one...we just had to show the waitress and she was just amazed at our luck!

hopefully my lsats will result in the same positive luck that we had all night.

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